A central element of the Future IoT summer school are the industrial challenges. The participating enterprises provide real problems from their current work and the participants work on them together with their enterprise mentors.

From Tuesday to Friday you have time to create a cool solution and on Friday you will pitch it in front of our expert jury. The best team wins a special prize!

Details about this year’s challenges will be revealed soon (the tentative titles are only for your indication):

  1. Edge computing and AI (ELM Leblanc)
  2. Optimizing industrial control processes (ELM Leblanc)
  3. Digital Twins (ELM Leblanc)
  4. Key obfuscation inside IoT devices (Airbus)
  5. Key obfuscation inside Data Centers (Airbus)
  6. T.B.A. (Atos)
  7. Secure Industry 4.0 Gateway (ArianeGroup)
  8. T.B.A.
  9. T.B.A.
  10. T.B.A.


  • Olivier Presne (Ariane Group)